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Michael OC Gallery - Prints & Tees

Michael OC is one of our latest artistic discoveries, and you can buy his designs on a T-shirt or a limited edition print.

Michael OC Prints

"Island Goddess" by Michael OC

Island Goddesses

Michael OC
Limited Edition Print /50


Michael OC Tees

Locally printed 100% cotton T-Shirts, designed by the one and only Michael OC. He gets 70% commission, so help us to develop this young man's growing talent!



Michael OC

Michael OC has a definite talent for art.
Help us to grow his talent!


Michael OC Tee - Custom Colour

Custom colours from the below selection are available. There will be a turnaround of 5 working days.

Custom Colours

100% Cotton T-Shirt
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and XL

Buy for $40.00 


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